The Marlin Hotel 
goes Smokefree​

The only smoking you will find at the Marlin Hotel in Whangaroa is smoked marlin on the menu.  The Marlin Hotel has gone totally smokefree and believed to be the first ‘local pub’ in Northland to do so.

In August the Marlin Hotel under new ownership closed for renovations and re-opened as a family friendly hotel and restaurant.

Smoking doesn’t align with the new look and feel of the hotel and the way the new owners want to do business.  “We wanted to created a family friendly atmosphere and attract families to enjoy the view, a healthier menu and and environment,” say Paul Condron, Chef and Manager.

We went about the renovation by removing the bar leaners and pool table and added more dining tables to create a family friendly atmosphere.  We let our customers know that what we were doing, offering healthier menu options, and a cleanier, healthier, family friendly look and feel to the place. We have a whole new clientele.  We might be closing earlier than we used to, after the dinner rush, but that means we all have a better work life balance. 

“Going smokefree outdoors has been great for business. It has really turned the business around. The spend per head is completely different, it's so much better,” says Paul.

“Buy you can't expect to go smokefree and the people will just come to you, you need to offer them something else and our dining options did that.

“We at Te Runanga o Whaingaroa fully support Paul and his commitment to the health and well being of  his staff, the customers and the community,” says Cara Epiha Toki Rau Stop Smoking Practitioner at Te Runanga O Whaingaroa (TRoW).”

The Marlin Hotel joins 34 other premises that offer smokefree outdoor dining in Northland. To see who they are go to

“I encourage everyone to go to the Marlin Hotel this summer its an awesome drive, a beautiful spot, enjoy a great meal and the sunshine outdoors in the ‘Fresh Air’ without a side of smoke,” says Bridget Rowse Smokefree Advisor Northland District Health Board.